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Hapa Japanプロジェクトとは


5 Days of Panels, Music, Food, & Film Screenings

The Hapa Japan Festival celebrates mixed race and mixed roots Japanese people and culture. Come join us at the Japanese American National Museum and the USC (University of Southern California) campus in Los Angeles.

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What is the Hapa Japan Database Project?

Hapa Japanプロジェクトとは

It is part educational. Part genealogical. And all connected.


Welcome to the website, the world's largest online database, network, and community of Hapa Japanese people. Each day, people of mixed race and mixed roots Japanese heritage sign up for the Hapa Japan website to discover, learn, and connect with others from around the world. The website is hosted by the Hapa Japan Database Project, a research initiative at the University of Southern California's Ito Center dedicated to the global study of mixed race and mixed roots Japanese people. The project consists of an event series, publications, and this website that features news stories, longer form articles, and interviews. In 2017, check out the release of the Hapa Japan edited volumes (vol. 1 History and vol. 2 Identity and Representations) and the Hapa Japan Fest III (in Los Angeles from February 22-26).